Full Program Brochure

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2017-18 Coach Training Program Brochure


Please note:

We are adjusting the weekends to begin on Saturday, rather than Friday in the Spring and Summer.

We will meet on the scheduled April, May, June and August dates on Saturday and Sunday (without the Friday):

 April 22–23:     Presence and Purpose; with Dr. Didi Firman

 May 6-7:           Identity and Personal Freedom; with Jon Schottland, MA, BCC & Alan C Haras, MA

 June 10-11:      Sourcing Inner Wisdom; with  Susan Jewkes Allen, MSW, GCDF and Sara Vatore, M

 August  5-6:    Synthesis: Becoming Whole; with  Dr Didi Firman and Jon Schottland, MA, BcC

We will be adding a remote/webinar component in the Fall 2017 to replace these 8 hours of training.