Gifts of Psychosynthesis Inspiration for the Season




A Gift of evocative words, thoughts and tips to inspire the season:

Synthesis SF welcomes December and the abundance of celebrations taking place this month around the globe. In honor and appreciation of the many ways we celebrate spirit, Synthesis SF Faculty will be sharing daily gifts of psychosynthesis inspiration for the holiday season.

* Bodhi Day
* Krampusnacht
* Saint Nicholas Day
* Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe
* St. Lucia Day
* Hanukkah
* Christmas Day
* Three Kings Day/Epiphany
* Pancha Ganapati
* Festivus
* Boxing Day
* Yalda
* Koliada
* Newtonmas
* Dongzhi
* Quaid-e-Azam Day
* Chalica
* Soyal
* Human RIghts Day
* World Aids Day
* Kwanzaa
* Omisoka
* Yule
* Saturnalia
* Winter Solstice