Jon Schottland, MA, BCC

Jon Schottland, MA, BCC

Jon has been working in the field of counseling and coaching for more than a decade, and is inspired and energized by the personal and professional growth that people achieve through the practice of psychosynthesis. There is something about this work that wakes people up to who they truly are, and more than that, it gives them the inner direction and resources to achieve a richer, more meaningful life.

Jon began his professional life in sports coaching and subsequently his practice evolved to include personal growth, human development, and self-actualization. His clients include individuals, couples, organizations, schools, business professionals, students, educators, engineers, musicians, and athletes to name a few. He maintains a private practice in southern Vermont and also work over the phone and via Skype to coach people in any geographic location.

Jon currently teaches in the NE Psychosynthesis Coach training program at Hallelujah Farms in Vermot and is on the Board of Directors of the Synthesis Center, one of the leading institutes for psychosynthesis education in North America over the past 35 years.

Jon draws upon an extensive background in meditation and tai chi, blending those spiritual disciplines with a master’s level degree in developmental psychology and ten years+ of clinical practice in psychosynthesis psychotherapy.  The result is a wide bandwidth of theory and practice that reveals both the vast nature of Self and the particular intention of each soul to manifest distinctive human gifts and purpose in the world.

Jon is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and completed his graduate studies at Union Institute and University.  He works as a professional therapist, workshop leader, mediator and nationally certified life coach.  With a healthy dose of humor, playfulness, creativity and passion, Jon offers a very personal and experiential approach to his workshops to open up new avenues for self-exploration and discovery!