Sakura Nimura

Sakura Nimura, MA


Transpersonal Psychology & Transformational Life Coach

Sakura is a Psychosynthesis and Transformational Life Coach who works with Japanese and English speaking clients guiding inner experience of  thoughts, feelings, sensations, dreams, the intuition, and the voice from the heart. Sakura supports clients in regularly taking care of themselves with a mindful attention to the inner experience, facilitating ways to break unfavorable patterns in life and start the writing a new life script with trust and confidence.

Sakura has training in Advanced Hypnotherapy with Bryn Blankinship, is a graduate of Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Professional Mindfulness Training,  Psychosynthesis Life Coach Training, and holds an MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University.

Sakura comes to Life Coaching with rich and diverse experience, in the research, publishing and corporate worlds,  including research at Culture and Emotion Resarch Lab (CERL),  San Francisco State University ; Racing Coordinator at MOTO GP Group, YAMAHA MOTORS Co. Ltd in Shizuoka, Japan, Project Management, CORNING JAPAN Inc. Sakura also works as a Freelance Translator and has a Magazine Column at MYLOHAS by Mediagene Inc.