Welcome To Synthesis San Francisco!

Some of us are born here, many come from away to what D.Coolbrith called: the “city of mists and dreams!”

We live, work and play in our 7×7 metropolis and the Bay Area, surrounded by nature: ocean, redwoods, hills and mountains. Much like those who dreamed of riches in the Gold Rush of 1849, the vision of love and community, music and peace of the 1960’s, San Francisco now calls to a new generation of seekers in the startup culture of the Bay Area.

Here are some of the worlds’s most innovative, creative and visionary talent. And, while there is the ambition and drive to perform and produce, there is also a yearning to create a life informed by values and purpose. There is the desire to live and work in a supportive, conscious community and a hunger to make meaning in life and work: this is the “Call of Self”. Psychosynthesis offers a model and practices for the realization of this “Call”.

Synthesis San Francisco is collaborating with The Synthesis Center to train, nurture and guide a new generation of Psychosynthesis Coaches and practitioners and to promote and contribute to the expansion of psychosynthesis’ reach in the Bay Area, regionally, nationally and globally through Psychosynthesis Coaching programs. During these times of change and transition, this program offers you an opportunity to take action toward answering your inner call and supporting others in the journey to your own unique life of purpose, values and meaning.

We invite you to contact us and begin the conversation…we are here to answer your questions and guide you in a powerful experience of learning, collaboration,community and contribution.

Susan Jewkes Allen

Founder Synthesis San Francisco



photo Umer Sayyam